• Hydraulic Series
  • Dual Color
$22,130.00 $16,229.00
  • Laser-Guided Layout System
  • Battery-Powered
$17,900.00 $12,839.00
  • Battery-Powered
  • Save 28%
$16,510.00 $11,809.00

Graco Line Striping Equipment

  • Save 32%
$6,780.00 $4,629.00
  • Hydraulic Series
  • Save 26%
$10,330.00 $7,649.00
  • Battery-Powered
  • Save 28%
$8,820.00 $6,339.00
Machine Options: One Gun One 100AH Battery
  • Laser-Guided Layout System
  • Save 28%
$15,560.00 $11,249.00
Machine Options: With LazerGuide 1700, Two Automatic Guns Airless line striper, With LazerGuide 1700, Two Guns 1 Automatic one Manual Airless Line striper, with LazerGuide 2000 - Two Guns Automatic Airless Line Striper, with LazerGuide 2000 - Two Guns One Automatic One Mechanical Airless Line Striper
  • Save 27%
$16,590.00 $12,119.00
Machine Options: HP Automatic Series - Two Gun Automatic Airless Line Striper, HP Two Gun, One Automatic One Manual Airless Line Striper
  • Hydraulic Series
  • Save 26%
$16,850.00 $12,399.00
Machine Options: Two Automatic Guns Airless Line Striper, Two Gun One Automatic One Mechanical Airless Line Striper
  • Hydraulic Series
  • Self Propelled
$28,360.00 $20,249.00
  • Hydraulic Series
  • Self Propelled
$35,520.00 $25,289.00
Machine Options: Self-Propelled Gas Hydraulic Airless Line Striper, 2 Auto Guns, 1 Tank
  • Hydraulic Series
  • Dual Color
  • Self Propelled
$35,090.00 $24,989.00
Machine Options: Two Gun Automatic Airless Line Striper
  • Hydraulic Series
  • Dual Color
  • Self Propelled
$35,820.00 $25,489.00

There Is Nothing Like A Graco Striping System!

Experienced striping contractors know the difference. Graco LineLazer professional airless striping systems are recognized as solid investments that perform reliably, year after year.

Trust Your Business and Reputation To Graco

Graco is committed to providing the highest quality electric airless striping systems available, backed by the industry’s best warranty.

American Built Quality!

Quality Graco professional airless striping systems have been designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA with global components for over 25 years.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Behind every Graco striping system is the industry’s strongest warranty. You may never use Graco’s warranty — but if you do, we will be there.

Graco LineLazer Control View

Designed For Parking Lots, City Streets, Highways, Airports & More

Professional striping contractors choose Graco stripers for dependability, high performance, and quality results. Since introducing the first line striper in 1990, Graco has led the industry in innovation and ROI. By continually innovating, we've spent years perfecting our high-quality line stripers to help you increase your productivity and profit on every job.

Productivity And Dependability On Every Job

Graco LineLazer Graco LineLazer

Dependable, Road-Tested Line Stripers

Line Stripers For Any Striping Application

Every Graco line striper is built to last. Every sprayer is 100% tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards in the industry. Experience the confidence and peace of mind that only a Graco line striper can deliver. Graco offers a full range of dependable, high-performance LineLazer products to handle any striping job - from straightforward restriping jobs to more complex layout and pattern work applications.

Explore our broad line of equipment designed for professional pavement marking and maintenance contractors.

More Profits, Less Setup Time

LazerGuide 2000 Laser-Guided Layout System

Easy, one-person laser-quality line production to improve productivity and eliminate the need for tape measures, string, or chalk.

Graco LineLazer LazerGuide 2000

Higher Productivity

Stop wasting time with strings, tape measures, and chalk

Less Labor

One-person parking lot striping

Less Fatigue

No more kneeling down to move string lines or measuring tapes

Simple Operation

Just line it up with the target box and go

Accurate Striping

Straight lines every time — even in windy conditions

Traditional Method:

Requires a string line, chalk, and 2 people

LazerGuide 2000 Method:

No string line, no chalk, and 1 person