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LineDriver Ride-On Attachment

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The most innovative, user-friendly ride-on systems in the industry.

The LineDriver is the industry standard ride-on system that will help you maximize productivity on any striping, thermoplastic and scarifying application.

  • FlexBeam Break-A-Way Light System
    • Low-Light Accuracy
    • Fully adjustable for all types of low light applications
    • Break-A-Way design helps protect against costly repairs and keeps you on the job
  • Patented Dual Foot Pedal System
    • For forward and reverse
    • Easily move between jobs without having to push
  • ProStart Engine Starting System
    • Easy Starting
    • Up to 50% less pulling effort to start the engine—no more broken recoils
    • Outperforms manual pull and electric start systems when the weather starts turning cooler
  • Honda™ Engine
    • Reliable, technologically advanced, and easy to start
    • Oil Alert shuts down the engine if the oil level drops too low, preventing damage
    • Contractor preferred
Traffic Line Striping
Available To Ship Within:
5-10 Business Days
Engine Brand:
Engine Model:
GX Engine
Fuel Capacity:
.95 gal3.6 L
Manufacturer Part Number:
Operating Speed:
10 mph16 km/h
Power Rating (HP):
Power Source:
Works With:
GrindLazer, ThermoLazer 300TC, ThermoLazer ProMelt, LineLazer 130HS, LineLazer ES 1000, LineLazer ES 2000, LineLazer V 200HS, LineLazer V 3900, LineLazer V 5900
Line Driver

LineDriver / LineDriver HD, Operation,Repair,Parts, English (312540EN-M.pdf, 7,726 Kb) [Download]

Trailer Hitch Conversion (309405EN-K.pdf, 649 Kb) [Download]

Graco LineLazer V 200HS HP Automatic Series Main
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Machine Options: Two Automatic Guns Airless Line Striper, Two Gun One Automatic One Mechanical Airless Line Striper
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Machine Options: With LazerGuide 1700, Two Automatic Guns Airless line striper, With LazerGuide 1700, Two Guns 1 Automatic one Manual Airless Line striper, with LazerGuide 2000 - Two Guns Automatic Airless Line Striper, with LazerGuide 2000 - Two Guns One Automatic One Mechanical Airless Line Striper
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Machine Options: HP Automatic Series - Two Gun Automatic Airless Line Striper, HP Two Gun, One Automatic One Manual Airless Line Striper