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The Butterfly Glue-On Guardrail Reflective Marker ( Box of 200)

Destination: Clearwater
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Butterfly reflectors are as bright as molded acrylic markers but won’t shatter upon impact, they simply flex.

Trapezoidal-shaped Butterfly reflectors fit neatly into the valley of W-beam steel guardrail. Simply apply a spot of Pexco’s 1-part adhesive 795A and press the reflector into place. With proven durability over years of service, Butterfly reflectors provide long-term effective delineation of steel guardrail.

Key Features of Butterfly Guardrail Reflectors

  • UV-stabilized polymers for long life in both work zone and permanent installations
  • Guardrail reflectors can be either adhesively or bolt mounted


Using the recommended spacing of 18 inches apart, Pexco’s reflectors can be installed on new or existing guardrail or barrier wall to instantly improve nighttime visibility on hazardous curved roadways

  • Horizontal curves
  • On and off-ramps
  • Approaches to bridges
  • Work zone lane changes
  • Approaches to tunnels
  • Box of 200
Available To Ship Within:
Special Order
Manufacturer Part Number:
3M 3930 High-Intensity
Sides :
Double Sided
White Double Sided Glue On Guardrail Reflector

Guardrail Reflectors Installation Procedures (NTS-, 92 Kb) [Download]

Warning: This Product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.