PCBM Hinged Wood Post Barrier Reflectors,HIP Yellow/Yellow ( Box of 100 )

SKU: guardrailmarker-Pexco-wp-Y/Y

PCBM Barrier Reflector

High Impact Barrier Mount Delineators

Reflective high impact barrier mount delineator markers, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions.

This marker will continue to rebound time after time, providing reliable delineation and reducing the need for maintenance.

PCBMs are virtually shatter proof and simply outshine the competition.

They are made of high impact engineering grade thermoplastics allowing our PCBMs to bend upon impact and rebound to their original shape.
PCBMs resist both direct and indirect vehicle impacts, even in the coldest weather. Once installed, PCBMs keep working day after day and year after year

Pexco’s “Gator Jaws” Hinge!

Traditional markers take a real beating in winter causing breakage, cold-shock and loss of reflectivity.
Pexco’s unique “Gator Jaws” polyurethane hinge offers a chemical as well as a mechanical bond for greater strength and high durability!

Typical Applications of PCBM Barrier Reflector
  • Delineation of temporary concrete barrier walls
  • Delineation of permanent concrete barrier walls
  • Delineation of concrete bridge parapets
  • Delineation on top of wooden guardrail posts
  • Box of 200

Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
ApplicationReflective guardrail markers create bright delineation, creating safer roads and safer driving conditions.
Available To Ship Within10-14 Business Days
Manufacturer Part NumberPCBM-12
Reflective3M 3930 High-Intensity
Panel Size3 in x 4 in
SidesDouble Sided