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1952-E Federal Spec Black Traffic Paint

Destination: Clearwater
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PRIDE Enterprises Baker acrylic based paints are made in smaller batches to ensure consistency using only the best dispersant and wetting agents to keep your paint homogeneous throughout its one-year shelf-life. Competitor's paints are made months in advance and can begin to separate before the paint is even opened.


  • PRIDE Enterprises Baker Stripping Paint dries in 2 minutes, making our paint one of the fastest drying in the industries
  • Standard colors are: White, Yellow, Blue, Black and Red.
  • Custom colors are available by request.
  • Extremely durable. Over 50% solids, polymer emulsion binder and high quality powdered pigment.
  • Containers: We stock 5 gallon Pail, available with quote 55 gallon Drum, 250 gallon Tote.
Available To Ship Within:
24 Hours
Compatible Surfaces:
Asphalt, Concrete
Compatible With::
Airless Line Striper
Striping Paint
5-gallon pail of Federal Spec 1952-E Black Traffic Striping Paint

Warning: This Product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.