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Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic 

The basics…

Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic is a no-preheat preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material available in a wide selection of colors and color combinations as well as various mil thicknesses. Tuff-Mark® material comes precut into various lines, legends, arrows, symbols, or can be custom designed based on customer needs/specifications. Tuff-Mark® is easily applied using a propane heat torch. Tuff-Grip® can be added to any Tuff-Mark® product to provide skid resistance throughout the marking as an added product feature.

Specifications & Performance…

Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic is available in a wide variety of specifications including AASHTO M-249 and many State-specific standards with relevant modifications to be in a finished preformed state. Tuff-Mark® products are available for all FHWA standard designs and can also be customized to meet specific State and/or customer needs. Tuff-Mark® products are designed for optimum visibility and retro-reflectivity, both night and day. Glass beads are uniformly distributed on the surface of the markings as well as throughout material itself in the form of intermix glass beads. As the product wears, more glass beads are exposed, providing excellent retroreflectivity throughout the lifecycle of the product. All intermix and pre-installed drop-on glass beads meet Environmental Protection Agency testing methods 3052, 6010B, or 6010C for lead, antimony, and arsenic. Tuff-Mark® preformed thermoplastic is designed to last up to 8 to 10 times longer than similar painted traffic markings.