Preformed Thermoplastic

Crown Handicap Kit White on Blue FHWA
Crown Interstate Shield - Red/White/Blue
Ennis-Flint HotTape­® Legend
Ennis-Flint PreMark­® Accessibility
Ennis-Flint PreMark­® Accessibility
Ennis-Flint PreMark­® Shields
Ennis-Flint PreMark­® Being Heated

Pre-Formed Thermoplastic

For additional size rolls, symbols, legends, and arrows, please contact us.
Crown Technologies Logo Crown Tuff-Mark® Preformed Thermoplastic is a no-preheat preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material available in a wide selection of colors and color combinations as well as various mil thicknesses. Tuff-Mark® material comes pre-cut into various lines, legends, arrows, symbols, or can be custom designed based on customer needs/specifications. Tuff-Mark® is easily applied using a propane heat torch. Tuff-Grip® can be added to any Tuff-Mark® product to provide skid resistance throughout the marking as an added product feature.
Ennis-Flint Logo Ennis-Flint, Inc. manufactures and supplies a complete line of preformed thermoplastic pavement markings. Preformed Thermoplastic pavement markings last 6-8 times longer than paint. Beaded Preformed Thermoplastic pavement markings include Ennis-Flint, Inc. glass beads for the highest performance possible.
HotTape® preformed thermoplastic pavement markings provide flexibility, durability, and visibility to help increase the life of a pavement marking program that is specially made for crosswalk, bike path and handicap marking applications. It is designed for increased skid resistance while maintaining retroreflectivity.
PreMark® high performance retroreflective preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are engineered for enhanced visibility, durability and flexibility.  One of the most important reasons customers started using PreMark® heavy-duty intersection grade material was that the durability of the material greatly increased the life of their pavement marking programs.