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In areas with heavy traffic, the durability of road marking is a key priority. Traffic control typically needs to reduce flow obstruction to a minimum. Using thermoplastic material increases long-term line quality. Faster drying times ultimately lead to smoother traffic conditions. Graco thermoplastic marking equipment doesn't just simplify the process, you'll also tightly control line thickness.


DEPENDABLE, ROAD-TESTED LINE STRIPERSBuilt-to-last Graco thermoplastic marking equipment goes through stringent quality checks before they're shipped to you. EVERY marker is 100% tested to ensure our high-quality standards are met.EASY MATERIAL FLOWPrecisely heated kettles deliver maximum heat, which enables easy material flow from the kettle to the die.PAIR WITH GRACO GRINDERS & SCARIFIERSEasily lay thermoplastic material in a prepared groove cut into pavement using Graco’s complete line of grinders & scarifiers.

Solutions Guide Thermoplastic Striping

Model(s)ThermoLazer 200tc System
ThermoLazer 300tc System
ThermoLazer ProMelt System
Project Size:Small
User Profile:
  • Existing thermoplastic userswho use PreMelt Systems forall jobs
  • Existing thermoplastic users whodo “touch up” and intersectionswithout need for PreMelt System
  • New users who want to dothermoplastic striping withoutadded cost of PreMelt Systems
  • Required Man Power:Support System Required—premelt system and crewOne Man Operation—no premelter required
    Melt Time for 300 lb:Up to 4.5 hours without premeltersupport systemLess than 1 hour
    Typical Applications:Restripe jobs
    Small intersections
    Stencil jobs
    Roadway stripes
    *If used with PreMelt System only
    Restripe jobs
    Parking lots
    All intersections
    Stencil jobs
    Bike paths
    Roadway stripes

    Typical Applications

    No job is too big or small for the ThermoLazer family of stripers.
    IntersectionsIntersectionsParking LotsParking LotsRoadwaysRoadways
    Graco ThermoLazer 200TCGraco 200TC Thermoplastic Marking Equipment
    Graco changed the world of thermoplastic striping with the ThermoLazer Striping System, and we've done it again with the new ThermoLazer 200TC. The premiere solution for smaller thermoplastic striping jobs. The FlexDie is built with the same precision and functionality as its big brother, the SmartDie II. Solid steel construction, built-in die adjustment and direct flames will give you great lines every time.
    Graco ThermoLazer 300TCGraco ThermoLazer 300TC Thermoplastic Marking Equipment
    Graco’s ThermoLazer 300TC is one of the most productive and easy to use thermoplastic handliners in the industry. The system’s 300 lb material kettle allows for more striping and less time spent refilling with material, while its EasyGlide Wheel Mount System makes this unit as easy to maneuver as a LineLazer.

    Graco ThermoLazer ProMeltGraco ProMelt Thermoplastic Marking Equipment
    The Graco ThermoLazer ProMelt unit is your solution for first-time stripers wanting to get into the highly profitable thermoplastic marking business, as it lets you avoid the additional costs of adding a premelt kettle truck or trailer, thus saving you time and labor, resulting in more money in your pocket. Graco's breakthrough technology allows you to melt 300 lbs of thermoplastic on board in less than an hour.
    Graco LineDriver HDGraco LineDriver HD Ride-On System
    Why walk when you can ride? Graco LineDriver Systems provide the most innovative, user-friendly ride-on systems in the industry. The LineDriver is the industry standard ride-on system that will help you maximize productivity on any striping, thermoplastic and scarifying application.
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