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In-Street Stop For Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

Impact Recovery Systems
Destination: Clearwater
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Highly Visible Crosswalk Identification Signs

The In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign provides enhanced conspicuity at un-signalized intersections to alert motorists to local laws concerning yielding to or stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. The effectiveness of these pedestrian safety signs has been repeatedly supported by independent studies to demonstrate distinct changes in motorist behavior and accident incidence following installation.

Installs outside of the crosswalk.

Choose Your Base:
Surface Mount Fixed Base Surface Mount Quick Release Base Drivable Base 34" x 14" One Base® Portable Base
Designed for permanent applications Featuring a unique quick-release design In-Ground / Soil Mount Base Perfect for temporary applications
Ideal for delineating crosswalks to reduce the risk of injury, death, and property damage.
Available To Ship Within:
24 Hours
Compatible Surfaces:
Asphalt, Concrete, Off Road
Post and panel are constructed of flexible polyethylene plastic that is resistant to: ultraviolet light, ozone, and hydrocarbons.
Take care to avoid creating a trip hazard when using any sign in a crosswalk. Ensure that sign bases are outside the crosswalk area.
Overall Height (in):
Overall Width (in):
Post Info:
Reactive spring assembly that allows the sign to give and rebound upon vehicle impact, greatly reducing sign damage.
Product Series:
Pedestrian Sign
Recommended Use:
Use for delineating crosswalks to reduce the risk of injury, death, and property damage.
Pedestrian Delineator

In-Street Pedestrian Brochure (pedestrian_safety_solutions_rev3__1_.pdf, 1,073 Kb) [Download]

Surface Mount Installation Procedure (FixedBaseInstallationInstructions__1_.pdf, 612 Kb) [Download]

Maintenance Instructions (Impact_Recovery_Systems_Maintenance_Procedure__2_.pdf, 151 Kb) [Download]