Managed Lane Delineators

The City Post is an ultra-high performance channelizing Delineator

The City Post may be Pexco’s best innovation yet!

To reduce travel times and ease congestion, agencies are creating “Managed Lanes” (a freeway-within a-freeway) to move large numbers of vehicles within a small amount of roadway space. Lane separation is required when these managed lanes operate at a different speed than adjacent unmanaged lanes.

Answering the need for reduced maintenance, improved safety, and significant cost-savings. The City Post builds upon 30 years of Pexco innovation and has achieved levels of performance never before seen.
Designed for superior durability and quick replacement, this 3-inch round channelizer post sets new standards for ease-of-maintenance and ultra-high durability.

City Posts remain flexible, even at extremely low and high temperatures (-20°F to +160° F), and return to an upright position after more than 100 impacts at 70mph (112 km/h).
The City Post was created using advanced engineering resins to provide maximum strength and superior durability. The solid, one-piece polyurethane construction absorbs impacts and rebounds instantly.
The City Post family of solutions has grown to include three models to cover all installation requirements:

Pexco Embeded Cup Ultra High Performance Channelizing DelineatorPexco Surface Mount Bolt Down Ultra High Performance Channelizing DelineatorPexco Surface Mount Glue Down Ultra High Performance Channelizing Delineator
City Post Model EAC – Embedded Anchor Cup City Post Model - Surface Mount City Post Model - Glue Down
The City Post EAC (Embedded Anchor Cup) is an ultra-high performance channelizer post that is perfect for the most challenging roadways. Its sleek design and rapid deployment also make the City Post ideal for separated bike lanes and pedestrian pathways.The City Post SM Surface Mount is an ultra-high performance bolt-down channelizer post suited for the most challenging installations. Its durability makes the City Post SM ideal for Managed/Express lanes and other areas where high durability and minimal maintenance is required, but coring for an anchor cup is impractical or undesirable.The City Post GD Glue Down is an ultra-high performance glue down channelizer post suited for the most challenging installations, including Managed/Express lanes, toll plazas, and other areas where high durability, minimal maintenance, and fast installation are required
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