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LineLazer IV 250DC

by Dave Jones

Ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-color striping.

The LineLazer IV 250DC rewrites linestriping productivity and flexibility by spraying two colors simultaneously in patterns as wide as 36 inches / 90 cm.

Historic Collection

by Dave Jones

Recycled Rubber Car Stops

by Dave Jones

Unlike concrete or plastic, which necessitate frequent replacements, recycled rubber car stops are safer and more durable. In-molded highway reflective tape (available in yellow or white) ensures visibility and pedestrian safety. The GNR Park-It® parking curb is constructed of 100% recycled rubber. The Park It® comes with pre-molded holes and can be shipped with anchoring spikes or lag bolts for installation. They are lightweight (34 lbs. for a 6' car stop) and flexible; conforming to the contour of uneven road surfaces.

Graco ThermoLazer 200TC

by Dave Jones

Graco changed the world of thermoplastic striping with the ThermoLazer™ Striping System, and we’ve done it again with the new ThermoLazer 200tc. As easy to use as Graco’s LineLazer™, this is the premiere solution for smaller thermoplastic striping jobs. It incorporates the same proven technology found in Graco’s larger ThermoLazer but in a smaller unit that’s ideal for contractors who are looking to grow their business or are just getting into thermopastic striping. The ThermoLazer 200tc is easy to operate, easy to maneuver and—it’s the perfect addition to Graco’s thermoplastic striping line, proving that no matter the job size, Graco delivers the Total Pavement Solution.

Flexible Delineators

by Dave Jones

Delineators are designed to "delineate" traffic or guide traffic into a specific lane. Delineators are available in many heights and color choices. They are also come in both tubular and flat panel designs. All delineators are designed to withstand vehicular impacts. The number of impacts range from 340 hits at 35 mph to 75 hits at 55 mph. , depending on the category of delineator. All categories of delineators come with reflective sheeting. The reflective sheeting may be installed on one side or both sides.

Graco LineLazer IV 250SPS

by Dave Jones

The LineLazer IV 250SPS is a stand-on line striping solution for improved visibility and razor sharp lines.

Introducing the next evolution in line striping...