ADA Truncated Domes

TufTile's ADA detectable warning tiles

TufTile® detectable warning tiles are the ideal solution for cured concrete or retrofit installations. Made in-house with advanced proprietary polymers for a long-wearing solution that will not bloom, crack, or chip. Superior resin delivers homogenous UV stable color. Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel drive pins (1 ½”) secure tiles tightly to the concrete. Engineered to endure high-volume foot traffic, the low-profile beveled edge provides a compliant transition from surrounding surfaces.


Municipal governments and local businesses across the country use tactile warning surfaces to help pedestrians navigate sidewalks, ramps, and entryways. ADA domes assure safety and accessibility no matter the location or application. Each tactile system in our product line meets all local, state, and federal detectable warning surface requirements, so customers never have to worry about compliance issues.

Available Colors

Yellow Colonial Red Brick Red Safety Red Dark Grey Black

ADA Tile Color ThroughoutADA Tile Color ColorsTufTile
Low-profile beveled edges provide a compliant transition from surrounding surfaces.
Engineered to withstand high volume pedestrian traffic.
A proprietary resin system ensures homogenous color throughout the tile